Who is David Lemieux ? – Felix Sturm

Felix Sturm

Felix Sturm

Exclusive interview with the 4 times middleweight champion Felix Sturm

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

  After his notable win over Fernando Guerrero on Showtime, Canadian power punching sensation David Lemieux found himself in the position to fight for an IBF title eliminator against Germany most decorated fighter in history, the four times middleweight champion Felix Sturm. Unfortunalty, camp Lemieux turned down the opportunity by saying that Sturm was not the kind of fight that would bring fame or fortune. Lemieux’s manager, Camille Estephan, even went as far as saying it would not be an interesting fight. Respecting the fact their team have a goal for David should not give them a free pass to insult the fans boxing IQ. Sturm would be a very risky fight for Lemieux.

The Main Fight had the chance to talk with Sturm himself about his career, his goal as a promoter, Lucian Bute and of course David Lemieux.

The Main Fight : What made you become a fighter ?

Felix Sturm : First, it was by accident but the it probably became faith that i would become a fighter. I tried out so many sports, but from the first day i entered a boxing gym, I knew that i wanted to be a fighter. And you know what ? Becoming a fighter was the best decision of my life.

TMF : Who is your favorite fighter ?

Felix Sturm : That would be Muhammad Ali and Marvin Hagler.

TMF : David Lemieux’s camp is refusing to face you for an IBF title eliminator. They say it would not be a fight they could sell. They also said you are not popular enough. Your comments please ?

Felix Sturm : i’m sorry but who is David Lemieux ? I know every quality middleweight fighters but he doesn’t belong in that group. How many championships has he won ? Has he even been a champion ? No. I know Lucian Bute from my amateur days. He became a great fighter, had many excellent wars. But Lemieux ? He’s not on my level.

TMF : You were robbed against Oscar De La Hoya in 2004. However, would you agree that this impressive showing against a legend made you a star ?

Felix Sturm : Yes, sure. The fight with Oscar made me an overnight star, especially in Germany. Also in many other countries boxing is popular in.

TMF : Like De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Barry McGuigan, you became a promoter and a successful one too. What made you want to become a boxing promoter ?

Felix Sturm : I became my own promoter to achieve my goals and dreams. Now, together with our TV partner SAT.1 in Germany, we are trying to build Sturm Box-Pormotions step by step. We already have many very interesting talents in our stable and I hope I can help them on the road to a world title.

TMF : You are a 4-times middleweight champion, the most successful boxer in Germany’s history. What can you tell us about those four conquests and how are they different from each other ?

Felix Sturm : Well, of course, the first world title is always special. Number two and three were important to me personally because i was robbed of my first title against Oscar. I also dedicated my third world title to my mother who passed away. I’m very sad that she wasn’t able to witness me winning my title back. Naturally, winning my fourth world title was outstanding since it established myself in the history books by becoming the first German prizefighter to win four world championships.

TMF : Who was your strongest opponent of your career ?

Felix Sturm : That’s easy, The ‘’Golden boy’’, Oscar De La Hoya !

TMF : What was your most notable victory ?

Felix Sturm : Winning my fourth title last December against Darren Barker.

TMF : Some boxing writers ( especially in the United States ) are criticizing you for not fighting outside Germany. What do you have to say to those peoples ?

Felix Sturm : Critics have always been there and they always will be. Heck, that’s their job. After De La Hoya it was honestly not my fault for not going back to the States. And now, my TV partners wants my fights to take place in Germany. You have to remember that we are talking about huge events with millions of viewers on television. How often did guys like Oscar and Bernard Hopkins fought outside of the US ? I don’t recall them travelling around the world for a fight.

TMF : Can you comment on your recent fight with Sam Soliman ?

Felix Sturm : I threw my gameplan out of the window, unfortunately. I was looking for redemption, for the knockout after our first fight together. In that process, I kinda forgot to box, to keep my  distance and to focus on my strenght- my boxing skills. I fought his fight instead of making him fight mine, which is what I should have done. Honestly, after all those years in boxing and all my experience, it should never have happened to me. But it did and I have to focus myself on coming backinstead of letting my head hang low.